7 Sci-Fi Inspired Fears About A.I. That Marketers Should Let Go Of

AI is now the hot, new bandwagon that every tech company seems to be jumping on. Velocidi’s president, Mark Kovscek, will tell you that AI has actually been around for decades. As a mathematician and an analyst, Mark was using what we are now calling “AI” to parse marketing data for brands as far back as 30 years ago. Yet the pervasive concepts we have about AI are primarily rooted in science fiction.

Here are 7 things science fiction has taught us about AI that bear no relevance to today’s iterations of the technology — especially for marketers.

1. AI will diminish the value of my contributions, making my job boring and unfulfilling. If the prospect of working with AI makes you think of Sigourney Weaver’s idiotic job relaying questions to the ship’s computer in Galaxy Quest, don’t worry —today’s AI applications are designed for a much better user experience.

2. AI will be smarter than me, do my job better than I can, and ultimately replace me entirely. The best results will come from a partnership between AI and marketer. AI will bring speed and depth to marketing analytics, surfacing insights that enable marketers to be more creative and strategic.

3. I must become a mathematician to use AI. The best AI technology will place a premium on UX and UI, with the hard math in the background, enabling marketers to uncover data patterns that drive their brand’s performance

4. AI will make marketing more influenced by data than intuition.  AI will enable you to improve your data-driven marketing performance easier and faster than ever before. Your intuition will be complemented by the insights and patterns that you uncover using AI.

5. Marketing will cease to be a creative pursuit and I will become a data zombie instead of a creative thinker. AI isn’t capable of being creative. Marketers who use AI to inform creative thinking will have a competitive advantage.

6. If I adopt AI for marketing, it’s only a matter of time before the machines take over. Wait this might actually be a fair point...what if integrating AI into our martech stack is just the first nail in the coffin? Nah...we’ll be fine.

7. Google is basically Skynet. We’re already doomed. ...I mean honestly I’m kind of worried about that too. But that’s what all those sci-fi movies were for right? To serve as a forewarning so we don’t screw ourselves over? Anyway, for now let’s just focus on how awesome AI is going to be for analyzing marketing data, OK? Onward to the new frontier!

In all seriousness, the use of AI applications in marketing poses very little threat to humanity. Marketing intelligence — that is, the value-delivery system that harnesses marketing data for analysis that improves performance and decision-making — will seamlessly integrate AI to enable creative, intuitive marketers to get a leg up on the competition. (For a primer on marketing intelligence, click here). In fact, it bears no resemblance to The Terminator whatsoever. So go forth with confidence, all ye early adopters and innovative marketing superstars!

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(Feature image by Joshua Sortino)

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