2018 Will Be a Make or Break Year for Marketers

Happy New Year marketers! 2018 has dawned across the globe, ushered in with celebrations and resolutions, and bringing us all another chance to succeed where we fell short last year.

Nowhere is this clean slate more appreciated and sorely needed than in marketing departments. A 2017 Forrester study revealed that marketers remain woefully unprepared to embrace digital transformation and gain better control over their marketing data.


According to Forrester’s 2018 Predictions report, the new year will force firms to finally get aggressive and more decisive with their actions toward improving data management. For good reason, too – as Forrester points out, there’s little time to waste in stemming the tide of customer churn and eroding market share.

Marketing intelligence and data management remain key underpinnings of a transformative marketing strategy. Firms must leverage these to establish correct processes and governance, and to uncover the right data for their brand. Those who take these bold actions to adopt marketing intelligence will improve customer satisfaction and loyalty. The shift in focus to revitalizing the customer experience ultimately translates to bigger ROI and benefits for their business.

For the firms still hesitating to bridge the digital divide in 2018, there looms a sobering reality -- the time for action is quickly growing short. If you’re unwilling to leave your firm’s future to fate and are ready to commit to your new year resolution, check out the capabilities of marketing intelligence by downloading the Forrester report, “Marketing Intelligence: The Key To Improved Customer Satisfaction, Customer Loyalty, And Marketing ROI."


Photo by Austin Schmid on Unsplash

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