5 Ways Marketing Analysts Can Ensure Data Integrity

Marketing analysts spend a lot of time repeating the same data cleansing and maintenance tasks in order to ensure data integrity. The added challenge of integrating multichannel data (which all have frustratingly unique formats) compounds the problem. No matter how much you love data and geek out over statistical modeling and analysis, the constant game of whack-a-mole that is data management can take a toll on morale and job satisfaction.

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For all the marketing analysts out there who definitely would not consider data cleansing their favorite part of their jobs, here are 5 ways a single-view marketing intelligence platform helps maintain data integrity, and gets your data ready for analysis faster.

1: Automated data integration: Ensuring the consistency of the marketing data you use for campaign analysis is a key component of data integrity. Instead of sorting through a slew of Excel files each week, month, or quarter, a marketing intelligence platform lets you set up automated API ingestions at designated time intervals on a continued basis. This enables you to start your marketing performance measurement with a unified data set from the get-go.

2: Built-in business rules: The best marketing intelligence platforms will solve for key business rules, applying them to the data as it is ingested. For example, a raw-to-clean mapping function will cleanse incoming data to create uniform values within the platform, allowing you to dive into analysis quickly.

3: Permissioned access to data: Version control is very important. It minimizes the risk of compromised data. With a single-view marketing intelligence platform, permissioned access functions as a more sophisticated layer of version control. Each team member can be given specialized access to either view or edit the data within the platform. Bonus: all edits are non-destructive, so the source data is kept intact within the platform and can be easily accessed when needed.

4: Automated visualization: A marketing intelligence platform that automates the visual presentation of your raw data can help you better understand data integrity issues. For example, a visual graphic can more easily call your attention to an odd spike in impression data. By toggling to the raw data behind the visual, you may see that the impressions are associated with a particular campaign, and further identify the particular website where there’s an inconsistency within the data.

5: Artificial intelligence: The application of A.I. into marketing intelligence will help enable data audits that help ensure the integrity of your marketing data. For example, the algorithm can find right away whether there are any outliers based on a pre-set threshold, giving you an added headstart in determining relevant trends and opportunities.

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