Can You Trust Your Marketing Data?

Last week, we left you to ponder how to trust your marketing data, so you are completely confident in your marketing strategies and catapulting your brand’s success. 

What does it mean to “trust your data?”


Trust is when all the stakeholders have a line of sight into data quality and changes to the data, for example, the business rules and suppression rules. It also means there are no secrets when it comes to the time and author of the changes. Perhaps all stakeholders don’t have complete access rights to change the data, but there should be transparency on both the strategy and the tactics.

Harkening back to last week’s blog post, we gave the example of a well-meaning marketing professional who adjusts taxonomies, because the taxonomies lacked information, and they want to compare apples to apples. However, the caution is that this well-meaning person will often take a generous approach of when to apply the adjustment to paint the best picture possible. With full transparency, your whole team is all on the same page.


The example above also emphasizes the importance of accountability regarding who is touching your marketing data. Do you know who is adjusting and manipulating the results from your campaigns? Do you know who is pulling together reports and who creates the business rules and suppression rules as the data rolls in?

Having this visibility helps you anticipate bias or understand each person’s point of view. Perhaps the person analyzing the data doesn’t know about one part of your program, and as a result discounts the impact it had on your results.

Make Data Adjustment Straightforward

If your marketing data needs to be fine-tuned for one of the reasons mentioned in our recent post “5 Ways to Root Out Your “Bad” Marketing Data, make sure the processes to modify the data are straightforward and clear. Contorted processes only exacerbate issues that create false lenses for marketing data analysis. Further, have permissioned-access when setting up these processes, so that only the right people are executing adjustments. Also make it transparent who these permissioned parties are, so you know who is making alterations.

Have the Right Marketing Data Analysis Tools

When you know that accurate data from all of your marketing sources are right there at your fingertips, you know you can trust the insights and your strategies going forward. The best marketing intelligence platforms give you incredible visibility and oversight into your data. This sophistication, depth and control doesn’t mean that you have to be a data scientist to leverage the powers of a marketing intelligence platform. Best-in-class marketing intelligence platforms enable each marketing role to transcend the drag of bad data.  

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