DATA MATTERS | Brands Need Data-Independence from Facebook and Google

Brands have historically sacrificed data privacy for the convenience and ease-of-use of platforms like Google and Facebook. Now these practices are being questioned from the perspective of consumer data rights, but brands also have a stake in the debate of whether giving data to the duopoly is the best choice for their business.

Customer data is a brand's most valuable asset and relying on third parties for data management is a competitive disadvantage. That means for brands to protect and capitalize on their data, they need to adopt technology wholly tailored to their specific business needs, and not just use the tools that are most convenient.

Data Matters is a collection of "fireside chats" with industry experts about all things marketing data. This episode features Velocidi CEO David Dunne speaking with Kasper Skou, CEO of Semasio, about how big brands take advantage of consumer data, and how the current push for greater transparency and data privacy will change things.

Watch below to see a few highlights from the conversation, and click here to see the full video.



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