Ask Velocidi: Is a Marketing Intelligence Platform Like a DMP?

Here's a question we get asked a lot: Is Velocidi a data management platform (DMP)?

Velocidi is a marketing intelligence platform that ingests customer data and media data from any source, including a DMP. There's lots that you can do with the data housed within a DMP once it's ingested. 

A DMP is a very specific type of data management solution for ad data, typically digital display. It collects data for programatic ad targeting, such as cookie IDs or search queries, and sorts this information to help generate audience segments in order to target specific users with online ads.

There are a number of companies with DMP offerings, including Adobe. However, a DMP typically does not execute aggregations; it’s usually transactional in nature. As Digiday notes, “without being linked to another technology, a DMP can’t actually do much.” 

Enter Velocidi. A DMP is one source among many that a marketing intelligence platform ingests data from. Using a platform that provides a single view enables marketers to combine ad data with first- and third-party data in order to visualize patterns and insights about media behavior that are not readily seen.

Do you still have questions about how DMPs work with marketing intelligence platforms? Contact a sales representative here. 

(Featured photo by Nicola Jones.)

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