The Benefits of Marketing Intelligence Software

Marketing intelligence software, like Velocidi, is now helping companies build efficiency within their campaigns. No longer are team leaders trying to navigate vast swaths of data to sift out key performance factors to improve their campaigns. Now they’re able plot performance visually based on the clear insights delivered by Marketing Intelligence products. To help guide you on the benefits that marketing intelligence software offers compared with manual tracking, we’re outlining the topic in our newest post.

Clean and Organize Data from Multiple Sources

When you have a constant stream of data arriving at your marketing team’s desks on a regular basis, you need to be able to organize the data points according to their value. When manually tracking data, brand managers are left to juggle metrics from various channels, rarely able to extract maximum value from the data revealed. Marketing intelligence software works to collect data from multiple channels in one place, giving the manager the ability to analyze and report on marketing performance holistically.

Raw to Clean Mapping

The quality of the insights brand managers achieve depends directly on the quality of the data arriving into their marketing system.  Without access to clean, verifiable data, companies cannot move forward successfully within their campaigns. The latest marketing intelligence solutions are designed so that raw data is ingested then cleaned or mapped so that the required metrics are then integrated within the brand’s reporting system, without impacting the original raw data.

This helps to prepare data for analysis and underpins the entire marketing intelligence operation. Without this constant stream of clean data, brands cannot rely on the data sets available to their marketers, and thereby cannot ensure the right results from the strategy they undertake based on this data. 

Save Money on Data Reporting

As with any automation task, you can save money when deciding to use marketing intelligence software rather than tracking data manually. Choosing intelligence software helps limit the time and financial resources needed to sift through the various data channels to gain valuable insights. You’ll save thousands of man hours because your marketing team won’t have to analyze the minutiae of your campaigns to determine if problems exist or where your opportunities have arisen. They’ll have access to instant insights from your intelligence software, and be able to make swift campaign changes based on the data revealed.

Improve Speed to Insights

The speed to achieving the insights from your marketing campaigns is also enhanced when using marketing intelligence software. This occur as a result of the automation process. The data is assembled automatically and patterns are visualized within the system, limiting the need to complete comprehensive background research. This increased speed means that any insights gained are likely to be more relevant and actionable, improving their value to the marketing process.

More Time Can be Spent Understanding the Data

The data reporting process can take up a great deal of time for marketing teams. They must collect the data and evaluate its value and then ensure that it’s presented in a way that is digestible to other team members. Rather than wasting time trying to collect and manage the data, marketing team members can spend more of their efforts on determining what the data is telling them and making effective decisions based on the data revealed.

It means that the marketing intelligence software allows teams to build more refined decision-making processes, and gives them the freedom and flexibility to better utilize the available data throughout their marketing system. This has various additional benefits for the organization. For example, the marketing intelligence software might tell you that one of your social media marketing campaigns is losing its value progressively over several weeks.

You might then look at the numbers and see exactly when and how the campaign changed over that time, which then leads you to discover a competitor began their new campaign at the same time. By gaining access to that granular data, you can then better position your brand with more time to build a more effective response to your competitor’s actions.

Use the Power of Automation to Drive Long-Term Marketing Results

Tracking each element of your marketing campaigns manually can stall your campaign progress and take vital resources away from you entire marketing structure. Use the latest marketing intelligence software as your leading campaign tracking tool and give your talented team members the resources they need to make effective decisions for the future of their campaigns. Simply automating the tracking process can help to transform marketing campaigns and ensure that all team members are working towards a collective and well thought-out objective. To discover more, contact our Velocidi team for a free demo and more information.

Photo by Jungwoo Hong on Unsplash

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