Velocidi Joins PageFair Initiative for GDPR Compliant Advertising

Last week Velocidi officially joined PageFair’s initiative for GDPR compliance by becoming one of the first “Trusted Partners” of PageFair’s Perimeter platform, which helps publishers stay compliant with the regulation by preventing the collection of any personal information unless consent has been explicitly given.  

Velocidi is dedicated to helping brands improve their marketing with quality data management and intelligent insights, and we believe that the new EU regulations are an opportunity for marketers to get much smarter about their data practices.

According to our CEO, David Dunne, “GDPR is forcing brands, agencies and publishers to take greater control of their data. PageFair has created an ingenious way to facilitate GDPR compliance. Perimeter helps publishers manage data without leaving compliance entirely up to consumer consent”.


What exactly is Perimeter, and why do we need it?

When the GDPR was adopted, the team at PageFair realized that there were aspects of our current advertising ecosystem that would be completely unworkable should the GDPR be enforced. Of particular concern were the programmatic ad exchanges used by publishers to serve ads to their visitors. These exchanges were designed to share visitor data with as many parties as possible to facilitate real-time bidding for individual ad buys. This includes unique identifiers, browser information, and IP addresses - all of which will be illegal to share under GDPR regulations, unless explicit consent was given by the user.

The result is an enormous amount of data leakage, exposing each visitor’s data not just to the every ad tech platform in the exchange but an unknowable number of third-parties as well. This video from PageFair’s website illustrates the problem:

The Perimeter platform essentially blocks all personal information and unique identifiers from entering the programmatic exchange, so that no parties involved find themselves in violation of GDPR on the grounds of collecting consumer data without consent. Perimeter also whitelists its Trusted Partners, who have developed solutions for facilitating programmatic and digital advertising without collecting personal data.

Perimeter only allows a publisher to collect personal information and track IDs in the instances where an advertiser is using first-party data to target visitors who have given consent to be targeted.

PageFair CEO Sean Blanchfield said of the Perimeter Trusted Partners, “This initial group is just a small sample of the companies who are committed to rewiring the advertising supply chain to work without personal data. Together, we have already designed alternative ways to provide advertisers with frequency capping, measurement and targeting, all without tracking individuals.”

Perimeter’s Trusted Partners have to comply with PageFair’s strict rules and this is why we are thrilled to be a part of this data privacy elite. Velocidi’s private CDP helps brands create comprehensive audience profiles combining media and customer data, and maintain GDPR compliance by keeping all data private and secure. Velocidi clients are able to guarantee that their customer data will not be exposed to unwanted third-parties when it’s housed in the CDP system. With data privacy taking such a high priority inside our platform, supporting an initiative that assures brands the same level of privacy in digital advertising is a no-brainer.

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Photo by Jon Moore on Unsplash

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